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Afrique du SUD : Announcing publication of Zabalaza No. 8

Publié le mercredi 19 mars 2008

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We, Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front, are happy to finally announce the
long-overdue publication of the eighth issue of "Zabalaza - A Journal of
Southern African Revolutionary Anarchism".

Our organisation having recently undergone some changes, we hope to get
back on track and to meet our goals of publishing Zabalaza twice a year.

In this long-awaited issue :

- Asgisa : A Working Class Critique
- S.A. Public Sector Strikes
- The 2010 World Cup
- Protests Against University Privatisation
- Introduction to the ABC
- Vigilante Farmers Want Refugee Camps
- Swaziland : The Assassination of Our Dear Comrade
- Europe, Africa and the Neo-Liberal Strategy of Co- Optation
- Fallacies of the Darfur War
- The Congo's Dilemma
- A New Guantanamo in Africa ?
- Misrepresentation of Self-Management in the Caribbean
- Some Thoughts on Theoretical Unity & Collective Responsibility
- Clarity on What Anarcho-Syndicalism Is
- Towards an Anarcho-Syndicalist Strategy for Africa

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